Working Crafts at the


Ed & Margaret Burke – Glassblowing

Always an excellent demonstration on the show circuit, with popular hourly demonstrations in their mobile studio. They have their own distinctive approach to fine glass making, a symbiosis of colour, pattern and shape. Come and see how they create a unique wine glass out of a small pile of sand or how the traditional technique of glass blowing is used in making a beautiful vase. They will also be selling an array of their glassware, including their unique ‘Game of Thrones’ selection.

blacksmiths sandringham craft showBlacksmiths

We have two blacksmiths: Chris Stokes and Rob Caley. Stokes of England is a long standing family business now run by Chris, started by his dad, a master smith and farrier at the age of eighteen. Chris himself has been a blacksmith for over thirty years, he loves his work because of the creativity involved. The knowledge that he is leaving a legacy in his work that will last for many years into the future, and the fact that he never knows who his next customer will be. Caley’s Blacksmiths feature Rob, an artistic blacksmith, who works at Westfield Forge in Norfolk. He produces high quality, hand forged functional and decorative items.


Textiles & Fabric Crafts

We enjoy a number of different textile crafts at our craft shows.


Rachel John

If you want to create fast, jumbo knitting this could be your answer. Rachel John will be showing you how and selling you the knitting needles that you need.


Tess Paulson

We also have the very traditional art of spinning and weaving at Sandringham Christmas Fair. See how sheep’s wool is spun into the knitting wool we are so familiar with often on a giant spinning wheel.


Chainsaw Carving

Chainsaw carving Is always a popular event at our Sandringham shows, we shall again have a team of six carvers who will be completing two daily speed carving competitions and a main sculpture during the weekend. The speed carvings will be auctioned immediately after the 30 minute session and the main sculpture at the end of the final speed carve.

If you have not seen a speed carving just be amazed at what they produce in 30 minutes.

Speed Carving at 12noon & 2pm daily.



The Potters Wheel

Roy Clarke from Stratford Pottery will be demonstrating his distinctive range of stoneware pottery. Roy has been with Living Heritage since 1986, time certainly does fly.






The ancient art of bodging is demonstrated by Richard Rood from Norfolk, who is also a member of the Kings Lynn Wood Turners. Bodging is a traditional wood turning skill using green timber to make chair legs and cylindrical items. All done by a whippy pole and a piece of string.



SpoonmakingFiona Birch

Fiona Birch will be demonstrating hat weaving from Rushes and Willow Bark, Rush Rope making and Brading available for the public to have a go. Traditional Clothes Pegs and Wooden Flowers, spoon carving including Welsh Love Spoons. Corn Dollies and Straw Plaiting.



Car Parking at this event is Free

Sandringham estate have released details of Visitor Centre Redevelopment and Car Park Charging from February 2020 ( Reference )

Car Parking at our Christmas event remains FREE. Please follow the AA signs into both the event car parks