Glyn Matthews – Crafter of the Week

Glyn Matthews was born in Plymouth, Devon in 1952, and trained as a graphic designer. He has worked in a variety of media, being influenced by Britain’s pastoral and industrial landscapes. In 1982 he developed the unique method of blending his Graphic skills with a love of photography; “photo-Graphics”, available in a series of limited editions.

GhostsMagical fine art creations where ink and light are blended in the studio and captured by the camera.

The work is created entirely in the studio, the subject being carefully selected for its potential in silhouette. A line drawing is made and translated into a series of overlays. These are then lit using carefully positioned coloured lights, and photographed. The resulting negative is then used to produce a limited edition print.

Examples of the artist’s work can now be found in private collections around the world.

“I invite my audience to share in a captured moment of ethereal calm balanced on the cusp of night and day. I view the world deliberatley in a Brief Encounter Webslightly different light.”

This year Glyn celebrates his 35th year of producing his unique and collectable art form (just another 35 to go). This is a special year for Glyn as his long awaited book of words and images is due out shortly. For the past few years, increasingly, he has been integrating his poetry with his art and this special series of pictures will be available at “Just Crafts” this year.

Glyn will be at Just Crafts, Calke Abbey, Hyde End Autumn Craft Show and our food festivals in Northampton and Nottingham