Glass With Care – Exhibitor of the Week

aspen-spread-bronzeIf you are looking for glass painting with a wonderful twist, the beauty and practicality of Glass With Care’s work has set them apart for over 30 years.
Their range of vases and tableware begin with specially designed, hand-blown glass which is then decorated using various techniques. These include acid-etching, painting and an unusual, but elegant “feathering” design. They use paints which have been developed over many years to provide bright and lasting colour, and are constantly adapting their designs to provide something new at every event. fire-deco
In addition, they also produce a large range of candleholders, with classic, handmade metalwork, made to their own designs, which complement the painted glass holders.
As Rowena and Pete say, “The idea is to create items that can be used practically, either on an everyday basis or for special occasions, but when not being used, have an elegance and beauty of their own.” Their work, ranging from four-foot-high candleholders, to tiny bud vases, are high quality yet affordable, and whether you are looking for an unusual gift, or something to grace your own home, you are sure to find something amongst the many items displayed on Glass With Care’s stand.

Glass With Care will be with us at Sandringham Christmas Craft Show