Food & Drink


Our food halls attract both local producers, and those from further afield. So whatever you like there will be something there to tickle your taste buds.  And as we like to encourage a taste before you buy approach in our food halls, don’t eat a big breakfast beforChristmas food faire you come!

Enhance your Sunday dinner with some gourmet sausages: try a more unusual flavour such as venison, buffalo or stick to the traditional pork… but enhanced with some of the flavours of France or English apples or mustard.

Try something different with the huge range of  drizzles, marinades and sauces to give your cooking an extra zing this season, or buy some of the delicious pies for those days when you just don’t feel like cooking!

And for your after dinner cheeseboard or dips you will be completely spoilt for choice with a variety of flavours which just have to be tasted to be believed.

Christmas food festival

Of course, our traders will be happy to advise you on both your own cooking, and maybe that special different gift for a friend who loves cooking (or eating!)

Something for everyone with gourmet fudge and chocolate, through to delicious pies and cakes.

Of course, we will also have some very special wines, perries and ciders, so you may want to decide before you start who’s going to be driving home!