Featured Crafter: Mad About Nature – Homemade Soaps

mad about nature hyde end craft showWe are a small family business committed to handmaking bathing products that are free from the chemical-overload we are exposed to everyday. We are passionate about our handmade soaps & bathing products, and the beneficial reasons for using them. There is nothing quite like bathing with a quality soap that has been carefully and creatively handmade, with the skin and environment in mind.

mad about nature soaps hyde end craft showOur soaps are made using the traditional cold processed method which retains all the goodness and the natural moisturiser – glycerine. Most commercial soaps have this lovely ingredient taken out which is why soap can be very drying on the skin. Our handmade soaps have no artificial ingredients and no unnecessary chemicals added to produce colour, fragrances, texture or added preservatives. We use freshmad about nature hyde end craft show and natural ingredients such as pure essential oils, dried herbs and flowers, and a variety of specialty oils such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil and lots more. These are just a few of the lovelies we add to make our soaps special and kind!  We do not use PALM OIL, SLS, EDTA, PARABENS or any other nasty chemicals in our soaps. They are also suitable for vegetarians & vegans (except soaps that contain bee mad about nature soaps hyde end craft showproducts & goat’s milk). We are strongly opposed to animal testing or harming animals in any way. All of our soaps have been safety tested and comply with current EU legislation and regulations. Our soaps and products are made at home in our specially adapted workshop, based in Leicester.

As a small developing business one of our main aims includes finding sources that are environmentally friendly – we recycle as much as we can at home and for the business, we compost as much as we can, we use minimal packaging which can be recycled and we believe strongly in reusing wherever possible.