Craft Marquees at the


As you would expect at one of our Craft events at Sandringham, we are looking forward to hosting a number of craft marquees with some of the top craftsmen and women from across the UK. Our marquees are floored and easy to access, and we offer crafts of all sorts, often demonstrated on the stalls by the craftesmen themselves.




Christmas is coming! Start the season with the traditional Sandringham Christmas Fair where you will love the diverse array of over a hundred and fifty crafters and artists bringing you a choice of unique and special gifts for all your loved ones.

  • Jewellery both traditional and modern, in a variety of different styles and mediums, from copper, silver, gems and glass
  • Wood-turned bowls, pens, globes, clocks and anything in between!
  • Ladies clothing, bags and accessories
  • Scented bath bombs, candles and soap
  • Clocks in wood, glass, slate and many others
  • Toys: cuddly, wooden and in many other forms
  • Artwork – oils, watercolours and some rather more unusual forms, some created as you watch.

And a whole variety of other stall holders too many to mention!


There are many stalls which just don’t fit into any of these categories. Unique stalls of pottery fairy gardens, fossils or football stadium photographs and many more. There really is something for everyone in our craft village, so whether you are looking for a special birthday present, wedding present or something for your own home or garden, you are bound to find that unique and precious item somewhere in our extensive craft area. Come and browse to your heart’s content!



And if certain members of the family don’t really get fired up by the idea, we do have a fully stocked bar where they can wait in comfort while you shop…


Car Parking at this event is Free

Sandringham estate have released details of Visitor Centre Redevelopment and Car Park Charging from February 2020 ( Reference )

Car Parking at our Christmas event remains FREE. Please follow the AA signs into both the event car parks