Featured Crafter: Mad About Nature – Homemade Soaps

mad about nature hyde end craft show

We are a small family business committed to handmaking bathing products that are free from the chemical-overload we are exposed to everyday. We are passionate about our handmade soaps & bathing products, and the beneficial reasons for using them. There is nothing quite like bathing with a quality soap that has been carefully and creatively […] Read more »

Crafter of the Week – Donna Collison Jewellery

Donna Collinson jewellery Hyde End Craft Show

Established in jewellery for the last twenty years, Donna Collinson has been creating several instantly recognisable collections of contemporary sculptural jewellery utilising the ancient lost wax casting technique. She works in solid silver, bronze and gold and takes inspiration from our British beaches and landscape. Donna grew up in Devon where she spent happy times […] Read more »

Glass With Care – Exhibitor of the Week

If you are looking for glass painting with a wonderful twist, the beauty and practicality of Glass With Care’s work has set them apart for over 30 years. Their range of vases and tableware begin with specially designed, hand-blown glass which is then decorated using various techniques. These include acid-etching, painting and an unusual, but […] Read more »

Alice Hounslow – Wonderland Glass

Wonderland Glass Ltd creates excitingly modern and original handmade fused glass products. Every product is different, but is designed and made to the highest quality by Alice Hounslow. We have an ever growing collection of jewellery, homeware, home decor and artwork in various different ranges. Alice is constantly exploring new techniques within this medium to […] Read more »

Ancient Wonders – Crafter of the Week

Ancient Wonders brings a wide variety of fascinating fossils and historical artefacts to life. Items previously hidden away by collectors or simply unavailable to the UK market can now be attractively displayed in your own home. A wide variety of fascinating items, from fossils through ancient coins and arrowheads to musket balls and stamps re available.  These items are often difficult […] Read more »

Tine Bladbjerg – Crafter of the Week

Tine Bladbjerg was born in Aarhus, Denmark but grew up in China and Belgium as well as in Denmark. After finishing the European School in Brussels she moved to England to study Jewellery Design at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Rochester, Kent. While at the institute she did a six month work […] Read more »

Bill Hazelwood – Crafter of the Week

My woodworking was started through impecuniosity and the good fortune to have moved to Wiltshire in 1966 and to be adjacent to a saw-mill. This mill deserves mention as the machines were powered by 6” belts in wooden tunnels and driven by an enormous single cylinder engine that ran on kerosene! A real living museum […] Read more »

Exhibitor of the Week – Meredith Jewellery

Interesting design that will stand the test of time is the aim of Meredith Jewellery. Douglas and Meredith Copland created Meredith Jewellery in the summer of 1993 to introduce their first collection of designs. The core of our original range was the “roots and flowers collection” inspired by the shapes and forms of the plant […] Read more »